Garden Mulch: Upgrade Your Garden In An Eco Friendly Way

Garden Mulch: Upgrade Your Garden In An Eco Friendly Way


When the sun rises and you find those pretty and colourful flowers blooming, get it more attractive by spreading the garden mulch. It is extremely beneficial for your garden and has Mulching Melbourne become a natural way to keep it attractive as well as neat. If you are looking for an option to beautify your garden in an eco friendly way natural garden mulch is the perfect choice. It is not only eco friendly but also take much longer time to degrade. This option can bring a fresh look to your garden.

Some of the benefits of choosing the best garden natural mulch are:

It lasts longer as it is made from recycled wood which very slowly decomposes.
Prevents 70% of water being evaporated from the soil, as this process forms a bed over the soil.
Reduction in high rate of growth of weeds in your garden.
It also insulates plant roots against heat and cold.

Things to remember while your garden is being mulched

It can be applied at any time of the year, preferably at the time of fall and time of springs.
You need to just get it set onto moist soil.
Clear off all plant steams in the particular portion.
Leave the ground for 24 hours after mulching
After a day’s time you can water it.

There are many types of natural garden mulch. Bark, pine straw and hardwood to name a few that are popular.

  1. Bark Mulch – For those garden plants which require neutral soil this will be the best option. It is selected because it very well decomposes into a black rich soil suitable for plants as well as giving a neat look while the process actually happens. This also amends your soil giving you an eco friendly naturally rich soil best suited for flowering plants.
  2. Pine straw mulch – This type is perfect to suppress the weeds which are the main purpose of mulching. Its tendency to form a thick layer will definitely prevent weeds but it will turn the soil acidic. For those plants which needs a highly acidic soil the perfect option is to spread this.
  3. Hay a natural mulch- Old hay is usually dirt and thrown away by the farmers. But it can be used as a natural weed preventer in your garden. This old hay stocked in your vegetable garden will be the cheapest option to enhance your garden appearance.

Which type will perfectly suit your beautiful garden depend on your soil and budget. Ultimately make sure that the natural garden mulch you have opted has been spread evenly and also added twice a year. This will help you prevent those disturbing weeds sprouting out here and there in your garden.